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Bestaven E, et al. Center of pressure path during Sit-to-Walk tasks in young and elderly humans. Ann Phys Rehabil Med (2013)

Abstract Objective : This study aimed to investigate differences in total center of pressure (TCOP) paths during a Sit-to-Walk task in young and elderly subjects. Method : Nine young and 19 elderly subjects were asked to repeat five Sit-to-Walk tasks. The COP paths were computed during the rising from...

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Simoneau et al. : Effects of underestimating the kinematics of trunk rotation on simultaneous reaching movements : predictions of a biomechanical model. Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation 2013

Abstract Background : Rotation of the torso while reaching produces torques (e.g., Coriolis torque) that deviate the arm from its planned trajectory. To ensure an accurate reaching movement, the brain may take these perturbing torques into account during movement planning or, alternatively, it may correct hand...

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Laurie : Assessing the Impact of Automatic Vs. Controlled Rotations on Spatial Transfer with a Joystick and a Walking Interface in VR, Interact 2013

Abstract. We present a user study assessing spatial transfer in a 3D navigation task, with two different motor activities : a minimal (joystick) and an extensive motor activity (walking Interface), with rotations of the viewpoint either controlled by the user, or automatically managed by the system. The task...

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Bestaven E, Guillaud E, Cazalets J-R (2012) Is ‘‘Circling’’ Behavior in Humans Related to Postural Asymmetry ? PLoS ONE 7(9) : e43861. doi:10.1371/ journal.pone.0043861

Abstract In attempting to walk rectilinearly in the absence of visual landmarks, persons will gradually turn in a circle to eventually become lost. The aim of the present study was to provide insights into the possible underlying mechanisms of this behavior. For each subject (N = 15) six trajectories were...

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